Top 4 Bathroom Cabinet Materials for Durability & Style

Your bathroom’s look and feel are heavily influenced by the furniture you choose. But when it comes to choosing the right bathroom cabinets, homeowners on Cape Cod should know not to choose them based solely on style. It’s just as important, if not more, to consider the material’s quality and how it fits your needs.

To help you pick the best cabinets that will last for years while meeting your design preferences, below we’ll explore some of the most popular bathroom cabinet materials that provide both durability and style.

What material is best for bathroom cabinets?

A bathroom remodel is an exciting journey, balancing style with function in every choice. You’ll decide on the best pieces for your bathroom’s layout, choose between a shower or tub, select between freestanding or built-in vanities, and crucially, pick the ideal material for your furnishings. 

Let’s dive into the most popular materials, exploring their unique qualities and how they can enhance your space.

1. Solid wood with a twist

If there’s a material that has a timeless appeal, it’s solid wood. Although wood itself doesn’t react well to dampness, this material comes with a moisture-resistant finish when used in bathrooms. With this added feature, many bathrooms too can benefit from the organic beauty and unique grain patterns wood offers. The only drawback of this material may be its cost, but for the fans of its looks, it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Adaptable engineered wood

For those who love and want the look of wood but know that their space may need something more durable, engineered wood offers a perfect solution. This material stands up well to humidity, making it a smart pick for moisture-prone areas. However, it may not have the same depth and variety of grain as solid wood, which can be a consideration for some.

3. Plywood, a dependable foundation

If you need to put a priority on strength and water resistance, look no further than plywood. This material holds up well in environments prone to dampness, thanks to its layered construction. Although it can sometimes lack the visual variety of some more premium woods, it more than makes up for it in durability and adaptability.

4. Elegant medium-density fiberboard

Offering a smooth, flawless surface, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is ideal for sleek, painted finishes. Its texture is uniform, making it a somewhat popular choice in contemporary designs, and it’s often the most budget-friendly one among the choices. However, it is prone to water damage, so it’s best used in areas that aren’t heavily exposed to moisture.

Making the right choice

Do you lean towards the modern appeal of MDF, or does the classic charm of solid wood catch your eye? Your personal taste in bathroom cabinet colors and finishes plays a part in this decision, but so does the layout of your space and how you intend to use it. So, take your time, explore your options, and you are sure to see your dream space come to life, serving you for years to come.

Who sources the highest-quality bathroom cabinets on Cape Cod?

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